Thursday, October 7, 2010

Social Media Strategy - Wild Game Marinades - Local Legends

I am working with a new client whom I adore! She sells spices, rubs and marinades to the fishing/gaming industry. I am intrigued and excited to help her get "social". The fun news is that her target market is easy to identify. The tough part is that it may be limited (yes, I might be stereotyping now) in that a portion of that industry is not social yet and will be harder to reach. However, those that we do reach we will be focused on developing long-term and deep relationships to further her business.

The other interesting thing is that she primarily markets B2B and a large portion of our business plan is to engage more stores who will carry her products. She will sell B2C, but it's not her ultimate goal. We will have to integrate this into our strategy without taking away from her B2B client focus. Hmmmm - stay tuned!

Her products are absolutely fabulous! Instead of masking the natural flavors of wild game, their recipes enhance the essential elements of Duck, Goose, Venison, Elk, Pheasant, Chuckar, Quail, Dove, Grouse, Wild Boar, Wild Turkey, Salmon, and Trout. Check her out at

Okay, so time to get busy, I need to put together an outline for our strategy. We need to identify our objectives, define how it will integrate with her existing communications strategy, decide what her capacity for future will/can be, define measurements (short and long-term) and make decisions on the most important network needs (character, competence, numbers, strength, information, relevance or diversity) (as per Scott Allen; Time to go...lot's to get done quickly!

TTYL - Jenn

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