Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Still Looking for Work - But Not Bored...

Each day I continue to search for my next big career. Hopefully that will be in some form of Social Media Marketing/Commerce role. It's an interesting world of Social Media in that 70% of my friends still don't understand what it does and all of it's capabilities. However, you see tons of one-man shows claiming to be the expert and then on the other end of the spectrum large agencies with over 20 years experience. Has Social Media been around 20 years...hmmmm?!?! No matter what your level of experience, I can see there is still a large percentage of the businesses out there that need help. Organizations - you MUST get on this Social Media bandwagon now! You are missing your clients every day. And, yes, you can reach them daily now, even hourly without being too impersonal and marketing driven. You can start small and then leverage into something bigger, but start. Don't do it hap-hazardly, certainly get your communications strategy in place first, but then start!

For me, for now....I am building a website for a friend and I have a Social Media client. I am completely new to website design and shoot me now, because it is very labor intensive! The Social Media client is fun and has fun products. Next, I will integrate Social Media into the website to help get them some notice.

So, yes, I am still looking, but I am certainly not bored ;-)

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