Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Relax...It's Just Travel...Right?

(NOTE: I wrote this article as a ghost writer for a new brand of hotels.) 

Are you tired of the travelers who refuse to wear easy lace up shoes in the airport security lines? Or, the people who don’t know that airlines now charge for baggage and then make a fuss at the ticket counter airline personnel as if they can change the rules?

Traveling is just plain difficult and these experiences make it that much more unbearable. Short flights can be just as painful as international flights. It’s even more frustrating to wait in a 30minute security line after you have arrived one hour early, only to board a flight that takes 40 minutes. Good grief….you could have driven to your destination city by this time! 

And, why is it that the coffee lady doesn’t seem to understand that you are about to miss your flight as she takes her sweet time to get your latte? It should be a rule that everyone who is employed at an airport would work under the assumption that each person there is about to miss a flight. The process would just go a lot smoother that way.

Don’t even get us started on international flying! If you can’t afford first class (which most of us can’t) then be prepared…..coach isn’t a pretty sight on a 10 hour flight my friends!

The only way to survive such chaos is to keep a sense of humor about it all. Arrive early and watch the other’s (who are running late) struggle with that belt that they don’t seem to realize has metal on it for the third go round of metal detection. And, the guy who is getting, what appears to be, a full body cavity search, get frustrated at security. Just laugh it off and enjoy the fact that you, for once, have arrived early and are reaping the rewards!

Another way to make your travel that much more rewarding…. Stay at ______– where it’s all about you being “Free To Be You!” Our suites are tech savvy, well-appointed, comfortable, beautifully decorated and have an emphasis on being your home away from home! We want you to walk into your suite for the night and forget all about the lady who brought a bag too big for overhead storage and now needs to get back to the front of the plane to check it. This too shall pass!

Don’t forget to bring Rufus and your IPOD because we have a place for them both!  

Your Dad Can't Even Handle This Hotel

(NOTE: I wrote this article as a ghost writer for a new brand of hotels.) 

Remember pulling over for that night’s stay in some strange city on the way to the family vacation destination? There always seemed to be a conference room table beside the wall-inserted air conditioning unit. Those units read hot or cold with arrows pointing in either direction. You never knew what temperature that meant so you stayed under the covers only to awaken to sub-zero room temperatures. Over that conference room table was a huge floral chandelier with tassel trim and an antiqued gold chain draping from the wall socket.

When you checked into the room, you simply had one box TV, one blinking clock radio and fresh (but cardboard like) towels. Those rooms served their purpose; there is no doubt. They kept us warm (or really, really cold) and provided a taco type atmosphere in which to sleep at night. Without a doubt you would wake up snuggled entirely too close to your older brother who smelled funny and made strange snoring sounds.

Well, there is a new cowboy in town and they aim to please!

Finally, hotels have evolved and are making our lives comfortable, like home. The theme is…..“Free To Be You!” This means your parents wouldn’t know what to do with this brand of hotel! No conference room tables or cheesy chains…only high-tech, cool d├ęcor and pet friendly rooms to ensure Rufus doesn’t have to sleep in the car (and you don’t have to sneak him in through the back door late at night).

_____ has opened its first hotel in ____________ and launched us into what will surely be the next generation of expectations in the hotel business. These suites have thought of it all! They focus on convenience and are trendy and hip, insanely affordable and generally just a cool place to be seen!

They will catch your eye with the bright color schemes and sleek lines (but we can’t give you the name of our decorator…sorry). Nothing has been left out from the 42” HD Flat Panel TV to Serta Suite Dreams Bed and wireless access to well-appointed kitchens.

So, bring Rufus and your IPOD/MP3 player, because they enjoy both. These suites are so comfortable that you might just end up staying longer than planned!