Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Post for the World

You are witnessing my beginning journey into the world of blogging. I have followed many bloggers and retrieve their data regularly. However, as I have some time on my hands after being unemployed for three months, I have decided to start sharing my journey, experiences and life with the world. 

First and foremost I should tell you who I am: wife, mother, professional, wino, foodie, traveler, lover of people, networker, sometimes silly, sometimes serious and always interested in others. I can't promise this blog will blow your socks off, but I can promise that it will be real.

I have several things that I will write about in hopes of entertaining you (even if only ever so slightly). One of my hobbies is Social Media/Commerce.  I absolutely am passionate about this new world of marketing directly to our customers and engaging their needs through Social Media. It fascinates me how quickly we can speak with customers, measure their interest level and see the trail of information passed on through analytics. I am helping some friends with their Social Media needs now and am hopeful to start one more volunteer job next week around a new Twitter app. So, I hope to post some items of interest in this area. Oh, and I learned about SEO last night and decided I might be even more geeky than I thought….because I liked it!

From time to time, I have the opportunity to travel.  Having visited over 14 countries in my life, I can honestly say that I have fallen in love with the people, culture and diversity of settings that our amazing planet has to offer. I have been everywhere from Paris, France to the jungles of Mexico. Once in awhile, I write about my travels and take some fun pictures. I will upload these for your enjoyment.

Also, let's not forget the job search. I resigned my position (I hindsight, probably should have secured another job first) as the Executive Director of a local non-profit.  I figured out very quickly that position was not the right place for me at that time. Now, as I explore pursuing my perfect job (or as some will call it....passion) I will share a little of that journey. (And, would certainly welcome any leads!)

Lastly, of course I will write about my family and friends without whom I wouldn’t be half as interesting as I am today. I have been incredibly blessed with a remarkable family whose ties are tight. We have a deep admiration and respect for one another, and do silly all the time! My friends are “those” friends that we all hope to find. I have three best friends who would be on the next flight if I needed them anytime and anywhere. We try to take a girls trip as often as possible and boys are never allowed! Then, lastly, and sometimes more importantly, are my “social” friends. They are the ones that I talk to daily and interact with on a regular basis as I am living life as I know it in Austin, Texas through networking, volunteering, social hours, happy hours, etc, etc.

Thanks for reading my blog and being part of my life. I hope it entertains, inspires, enlightens you or perhaps simply kills some time at a coffee house!  I welcome comments and look forward to dialogue with you in this world we call blogging.

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