Tuesday, January 11, 2011

3 Ways to Keep Your Facebook Fans Engaged

You want to keep your Facebook active and your fans engaged, right? Here are three simple ways to do just that: 
  • Entice your fans to tag themselves
  • Give away something useful
  • Provide content they can't get anywhere else

#1 Entice your fans to tag themselves
Each time a fan is tagged in a photo, it's instantly shared with their friends. This can create a powerful viral effect. You can do something as simple as offering something each time you're tagged in a photo or keep a running tally (competition always works). Use this strategy wisely and have fun, but also be careful, because you will annoy fans if you tag them without permission.

#2 Give away something useful

You can use white papers, DVD's, tutorials and various forms of research to give to your fans and get them talking on Facebook. As you have probably already heard, Guy Kawasaki is doing this very well. When a fan likes his page, Guy offers them a free download of his first book. It's fabulous because it give fans something cool and encourages them to pass it along, plus Guy now has permission to contacts these fans again.

#3 Provide content they can't get anywhere else

If you want to get people excited and sharing, you've got to provide something they can't get anywhere else thus starting the chatter tree. Livestrong does a great job of this by sharing various information for research on cancer and expert advice for those affected by cancer. They also connect other organizations to those that follow them, therefore making their Facebook page the "go to" page for people needing more resources or data.

These are all very simple ways to enhance your Facebook page and further engage your fans. Get creative and show some love.....you will reap the rewards!

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