Monday, November 29, 2010

20 Interesting Things About Me.....

Most of you know that I am exploring careers in travel and social media. Something that combines the two would be amazing! In this quest to interview for Paradise Hunter, I decided to show a more about myself in an effort to help people know me a bit better and thus be inclined to vote. Part of the role of Paradise Hunter is to blog, take pics and help market their brand, so I would get the opportunity to pursue both of my passions in this role. However, it is a competitive job and there are no guarantees. So, I hope that these insights into me will help you feel inclined to vote and encourage friends to vote as well ;-) Thank you!

1. I was recently the Executive Director of a non-profit that celebrates and enhances the lives of people with Down Syndrome. Not because I personally have someone in my life with Down Syndrome, but because I believe no one should be told they can't succeed. We should all have equal opportunities to pursue our passions, regardless of ability or disability.

2. I LOVE to cook anything and everything!

3. I LOVE wine...but only red.

4. My family is the most important thing in my life, and sometimes I might even be a bit obsessive about them ;-)

5. My son was born in Germany. We lived there for three years and were dirt poor. However, we made the best of it by driving everywhere. We had a lot of picnics and walking tours to keep it economical.

6. I have traveled to 14 countries. I love experiencing the different cultures, exploring the housing markets/design, sampling the varieties of food and making new friends everywhere I go.

7.  Travel is the thing that I love second to my family. I can't get enough and WILL find a way to make travel my job very soon (hopefully Paradise Hunter). It truly is my passion and calling to be part of the world around me. Of all the jobs in the world; it's the only one that I want.

8. I listen to all kinds of music.....rock, country, heavy metal, classical, etc. My husband says my IPOD is eclectic - that's his way of saying I'm weird ;-)

9. I have been incredibly successful at every job I have ever had and have never left a company on bad terms. I don't say this to be egotistical, but just to show that I put my all into everything that I do.

10. I graduated from high school when I was 16. However, I discovered I was pregnant shortly after graduation.  I raised my daughter on my own (not by choice) until she was 3 years old.  We had a lot of hard times, but I don't think any of it was a made me the person I am today and she turned out to be a remarkable young girl.

11. My friendships mean the world to me; I cherish and hold them very dearly. I am that girl you can call at 2:00 a.m. in a jam and I will be in the car on my way before we even hang up.

12. I grayed prematurely and have been coloring for years - Thanks Mom and Dad!!

13. I am obsessed with understanding your story. If we meet and hit it off, I want to know about you and what makes you happy and sad. Then, I will do all that I can to make you happy. That is why I have such strong friendships. It truly does mean a lot to me to know and support my friends.

14. I drive way too fast and have higher insurance rates to prove it! UGGHHH

15. Being near water makes me happy.....I honestly cannot be unhappy if I am near any body of water.

16. My favorite vacation was a cruise that we took with our kids.  They went into a Haitian village to go shopping without telling us (they were 14 and 9), scared the crap out of me (because it was not a safe town at that time) but also made me laugh hysterically.....they got it honestly ;-) no fear of meeting new people.

17. I married my husband with two days notice in a tiny chapel (held 40 people) in Wisconsin. We were at a family reunion and all of the kids came together to pick wild flowers, the president of his University married us, the kitchen staff made us a cake and one of the family members had brought bagpipes, learned (and played) the wedding march. Serendipity!

18. I miss my grandfather a lot....he passed away 1 year ago and we were very close.

19. I love animals......and I talk in baby voices to my dog and my daughter's cats ;-)

20. I have never followed my true passion or pursued something for just me.....this is the first time!!! So, please vote for me and help my dream come true:

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